Our Community Profile
Welcome to Maceo Baptist Church. We are located in the beautiful rural town of Maceo , Kentucky. We are just 9 miles northeast of Owensboro, which is the fourth largest populated city in Kentucky. We are primarily a farming community with approximately 400 people. We are just a hop, skip, and jump over the Ohio River from Rockport , Indiana. While Maceo could be considered “country” living, we do have a post office, gas station, and a Dollar General within minutes of the church. The schools near us are Eastview Elementary , Daviess County Middle School , and Daviess County High School . Owensboro also has a very active Christian homeschool community and a variety of colleges to choose from including: Kentucky Wesleyan, Western Kentucky University-Owensboro campus, Owensboro Community and Technical College, and Brescia University.

Maceo Baptist Church is a conservative, Bible-believing Southern Baptist Church that was founded in 1904. In the past 50 years, we have had 6 pastors. Our most recent pastor, Scott Ford, passed away unexpectedly in July of 2019. Brother Scott faithfully served the Lord at Maceo for 32 years and we are seeking out and anticipating the arrival of the man we know God has pre-ordained to lead us forward. 

We are a smaller country church filled with big hearts. We love and worship the Lord like a family. The Spirit of the Lord is alive in our church as we seek to reach the lost and disciple believers. Our Sunday School averages about 50 folks and about 100 during morning worship. Our Sunday and Wednesday evening services average about 40 people. Worship services embrace hymns, praise choruses, prayer, and the preaching of the Word of God that lead to the time of invitation. 

A snapshot of Maceo’s members would reveal a fairly balanced range of ages, occupations, and backgrounds. We have several families who have been involved in agricultural operations through the years. We have many who are employed by local school districts as teachers and staff. We have some who are in health-related fields, factory work, social work, and retirees of various occupations. 

History of the Area
Owensboro’s first settler was William Smeathers, popularly known as Bill Smothers, who in 1797 built a cabin on the south bank of the Ohio River. Original settlers arrived in flatboats coming from the northeast, the flatboats naturally drifting to the south side of the riverbank with the swift river currents. The original site was called “Yellow Banks” in reference to the color of the soil along the banks. In 1815 the Kentucky General Assembly passed an act creating Daviess County. The new county was named to honor the fallen hero Joseph Hamilton Daveiss, who died in the Battle of Tippecanoe. (A clerk misspelled the last name in the draft of the act, and so it became Daviess County.) In 1817, the General Assembly provided for the planned town and specified that it should be called Owensborough in memory of Col. Abraham Owen, who also fell at Tippecanoe. In 1893, the spelling was changed to its current Owensboro.

Coal mining and agriculture have played a large role in the history of Daviess County. We are included as part of the Western Coal Fields region of the state. The southern part of the county along the rolling hills of Panther Creek was rich in coal and was mined for years. Agricultural production includes corn, soybeans, and tobacco. Along with the corn production came the distilling of spirits, chiefly Kentucky bourbon. During the 19th century there were 18 distilleries in Daviess County.
One of the earliest manufacturing companies was the Owensboro Wagon Company, which was established in 1884. It was one of the largest and most influential wagon companies in the nation. The Kentucky Electrical Lamp Company was established in 1899, became Ken-Rad in 1918, and then General Electric in 1945, and finally MPD in 1987. Modern Welding Company was founded by John G. Barnard in 1932 and produces steel tanks and structural steel fabrication. Texas Gas Transmission Corporation was created in 1948 and headquarters were established in Owensboro. Field Packing Company, Ragu/Unilever, and Swedish Match are currently all vital companies in Daviess County. The Owensboro Medical Health System is the county’s largest employer.

9321 Kelly Cemetery Road
P. O. Box 57
Maceo, KY  42355